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The folk club began in the early middle 1980’s. Betty and Dave Verrell were the organisers at the time, providing great encouragement and support to the singers and musicians, beginners and more experienced alike. A group of clog dancers used to have a practice session and then follow up with a sing around. After a time the club grew to the point where guests could be invited to come and perform, Damien Barber, among other winners of the young folk musician award, were booked and played to a good audience. Betty and Dave reached a point where they were finding it increasingly difficult to organise and run the club and have a life of their own, other organisers came along and the club continued as a sing around venue. Jean Devasagagnan gave her time for a while, Tim, George, Gina and Malcolm together also had a period as organisers, Stan and Maggie Gee became involved at some point, Ben Muriel and his friends came along and organised some excellent evenings, Karen, Frank and Maggie took over and were involved in the move from the The Vic to The Marine.

Since the end of Covid-19 restrictions and due to changes made to the upstairs lounge at the Marine Hotel, Saltburn Folk Club moved to Signals Bar and Cafe, Station Square, Saltburn, which proved to be very successful. However due to some staffing issues the club moved to PARLOURS Cafe & Bar on Station Street, Saltburn in early June. This move has been very popular and so the move has been made permanent. Start time is 8:00 and the evening closes around 11:00 We are particularly keen to provide a venue for those who are just starting out on performing in public or those who feel they would like to but feel nervous about it. One benefit of the move to PARLOURS is that we are on the ground floor thus providing easier access for those who were unable to reach the upstairs room at The Marine or Signals


You will be guaranteed a supportive, appreciative and sympathetic audience. Don’t be put off by the Folk label. In this club our view of Folk is more to do with a general attitude to music rather than genre. We are open to listening to modern music played acoustically alongside traditional music and that written in the traditional style. So if you want to enjoy a good night sharing music and words, or want to find out more, then why not drop in anytime between 8:00 and 11:00 and receive a warm welcome.


Oh and before we forget! You’re not likely to see anybody sticking their fingers in their ears though we do occasionally stick them in other people’s ears! Saltburn Folk Club is a supporter of Saltburn’s Festival of Folk Music, Dance and Song held annually in August, hosting fringe events around Saltburn during the festival.